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When spores of NoFly WP come into contact with the insect pest they attach to the body and begin to grow almost immediately. Once the spore germ tube penetrates the host cuticle, fungal multiplication takes place through formation of hyphal bodies in the host hemocoel. The NoFly microbe mechanically disrupts the host’s internal organs and initiates tissue necrosis. This leads to lack of feeding, inactivity and eventually death.

The end result? Insect pests sprayed with NoFly WP stop feeding in about 24 hours and are killed in 2-5 days.


NoFly WP 

Biological Insecticide For Use In Indoor  Agriculture

Above picture: NoFly infecting and killing a western flower thrip..

NoFly WP is a high concentration of the active ingredient Isaria fumosoroseus strain FE 9901, a naturally occurring insecticidal microorganism. This aggressive fungus is a natural predator to select insect pests while non-pathogenic to beneficials. NoFly WP is also compatible with many chemicals making it an excellent tool for use in an Integrated Pest Management program.

NoFly WP is effective against:

  • whiteflies 
  • aphids 
  • thrips 
  • mealybugs
  • fungus gnats

.... and other insect pests