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Specialists in BioFertilizers & BioPesticides

Blacksmith BioScience is a microbial development company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies in order to increase our understanding of the biology that controls and assists plant fertility. We use that knowledge to develop agricultural products that maximize existing soil nutrients, reduce fertilizer usage, increase yield and improve plant nutrition. Our long term goal is to significantly reduce harmful fertilizer and chemical runoff in ecological systems around the world through use of our patented, unique biofertilizers.

Biological insecticide for whiteflies, aphids, thrips and many other insect pests.

An organic bioactivator for stimulating microbial growth and enhancing plant strength.

A high concentration of a beneficial bacteria that can draw nitrogen from the atmosphere and transfer it to plants.


A blend of several benefical microorganisms for plant vigor, growth and yield.

A biological fungicide for root borne and soil diseases such as Pythium, Fusarium and Phytophthora.